Premier Shield encompasses an array of security solutions ranging from safeguarding....


Premier Shield encompasses an array of security solutions ranging from safeguarding company belongings to protecting human and material resources, in numerous sectors. Our security force serves versatile sectors in the nation with impeccable insight and knowledge to help with security needs of any background or nature, within the permissible legal guidelines of the State and the Country. We offer consistently proven security solutions for your business owing to the combination of highly trained officers and technologically advanced security systems. Our integrated services lead to enhanced levels of security without costing a fortune. In a nutshell, Premier Shield ensures a carefree work environment, with the ease to put most of your resources to their core operations.


Security Officers
Personal Security Officer(S)(Psos)
Premier Shield deploys extremely professional Armed and Unarmed PSOs for our esteemed clients to repress a threatful event. Our officers are thoroughly trained, experienced and intellectually groomed to speculate and manage any alarming situations and render close protection at all instances. They are highly experienced in protecting Commercially Important People, High Net-worth Individuals, VIP movements, and their families. Our PSOs are trained in defensive and safe driving, and many have prior experience with Special Forces in protecting important families.
Front Desk Security
Your First Line of Defence.
The Front desk area, in any organisation, is the first to deal with unfavorable instances and it is imperative to ensure safe proceedings at the reception area to allow smooth operations in the building. Our officers are impeccably trained to improve safety and maintain a calm environment that facilitates your staff to serve the internal and external clients effortlessly.
Events Security
Our team of experts knows exactly what goes into ensuring utmost safety at your event. It’s all about trust & expertise Managing the security of an event can be a daunting task. Our trained and experienced Security Professionals assure your event proceeds effortlessly. Our officers are always active from the start to finish, ensuring the event stays defended throughout. By amalgamating our experience in planning, our highly trained officers and technologically advanced security solutions we ensure the success and safety of your event at all times.
Hi-Tech Security
Novel technology that offers improved security in testing situations Security agencies usually furnish the area with CCTVs and security personnel to monitor the video feed and gauge any suspicious activity. Premier Shield exhibits an innovative approach in its security operations by anticipating any attempt for unauthorised access to the concerned property. The peerless protection is made possible not just through CCTV camera setups, but by additionally bringing in control room investigatory gadgets, boom barriers, bollards and baggage scanners. You and your staff thus remain under the strong security shield created by our company, keeping your needs in place.
Alarm, Monitoring & Response
Premier Shield caters a wide range of monitoring solutions to meet our client’s specific requirements Fleet Management, Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking and Covert operations facilities are made accessible 24/7, while being notably cost effective, to outperform other provisions available in the market. We deploy our highly trained security personnel as the first responders, to ascertain safety in a situation where the burglar or fire alarm system is activated, to understand whether or not emergency help is needed, and to ensure the utmost safety of your property. With our tailored security solutions, we also perform randomly timed external and internal building patrols and lone worker checks.