With a clear understanding of technology and an efficient workforce......

Going an extra mile for you, every single time

With a clear understanding of technology and an efficient workforce, we ensure that our clients fulfill their commitments at any level of the business. Our planned processes ensure precise execution of all last mile deliveries within the expected time frame that guarantees both our customers’ and their clients’ satisfaction.

We, at Premier Shield, are proud to be associated with the leading logistics companies in the country, to assist them in building their delivery network to the last possible mile. From hiring trained personnel, to assistance in creation of the right service processes and bringing in the latest technology to boost productivity and minimise costs. 


Our dedicated team of experts is with you all along the way!

What sets us apart?


We define punctuality in each consignment
We handle your packages with exceptional care
Each consignment is served with utmost care. The procedure involves accuracy at each step, making Premier Shield a brand team you can rely on with your goods.
We operate for everyone
Whatever be the nature of your product and whichever market you belong to, we have a network of industry specialists assigned as per the consignment, who work on their toes to make every delivery exactly how it should be. Premier shield ensures a one-of-its-kind last mile service experience, for every client, every single time!