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Payroll Management Solutions

Leave the Payroll hassles to us and let your primary functions roll smoothly

At Premier Shield, we help you to accomplish all your payroll functions, which eventually lead to effective saving of time and money for you. You do not require in-house trained payroll management employees and expensive software packages anymore! 

Our payroll outsourcing solutions are cost-effective and keep all your requirements met. We understand the need for a business to have flexibility. While many companies offer a one-size-fits-all plan, we offer customised reports that have a tailored fit for your unique requirements.

Payroll Outsourcing

Focus your resources and time where they should be – on your primary business functions

The team at Premier Shield, efficiently deals with your payroll proceedings, while allowing you to give undivided attention to your primary business objectives.

We manage the entire record of employees from their joining to their exit, and any issues that arise around the same, are addressed within a short span of time. We ensure a hassle free process of payroll deployment each month, leaving just about nothing for you to fret on.

Temporary Employment Solution

We screen, shortlist, and evaluate potential candidates to provide you the excellent picks

Premier Shield offers reliable Temporary Staffing Solutions that enable our clients to build their staff strength in crucial times for assistance to overworked employees and to keep projects afloat.

Our notable experience in temporary staffing enables us to offer cost-effective and efficient manpower services to clients that require additional staff for a certain time period in their business.

When you opt to avail our temporary staffing services, we work as an extension of your company’s own Human Resources Department, without subjecting your organisation to additional hassles or complications.

We collaborate with TAG Scores and Premier Consultancy & Investigations to ensure we deliver on our promise of screen, shortlist and evaluate best potential candidates for you in a seamless and transparent fashion.

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