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Cash Management Solutions

Cash Management Solutions

We ensure a seamless process to serve reliable service standards in the asset/cash transit sector

Holding peerless experience in secure logistics, Premier Shield has made it’s mark as one of the largest and most secure service providers in the industry. With operations across the country, we have serviced over thousands of transits on more than 2000 tracks with absolute security.

Cash Collection And Deposit Solution:

We, at Premier Shield, have earned the reliability of our clients in the Cash Management industry, by virtue of planning and executing each transit with absolute precision.

We deploy a security personnel team for the transit process, which includes armed guards and a driver skilled in offesnive and defensive driving for the chosen course. Safety concerns are gauged and planned for, as per the selected date and transportation route.

Bulk cash and assets are securely packed, picked and handed over to the concerned authorities within the estimated time frame.

Cash Escort Solution:

Effective management of cash is imperative for a business. Having the set up for cash escort services, Premier Shield ensures you have sound sleep each day, with your money being processed at all the right places automatically.

Our strong operations network secures your money into banks or other selected destinations of your choice, as per a set programme. Customizations can be planned and executed well, without any hassles, to provide utmost ease in the business.

Cash Vaulting Solution:

Let us be your trusted partner, in securing your money and valuables. We have standardised vaults, operational with an end to end protective surveillance system, movement detectors and armed security, round the clock, to ensure utmost safety of your valuable possessions.

The vaulting facility has an explicit monitoring system, multilevel sensors and alarm systems that prevent the minutest of unauthorised activity.

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